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Written By - Sunny Thakur

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April 15, 2020

Most of the people in our private group e-commerce PPC secrets asked how we can boost up sales, how to 10x your sales with google shopping feed optimization. 

Now, this is something a lot of people are basically unaware of because most of them don’t know what Google Shopping Feed optimization means.

From the past few years, Google shopping is my #1 choice for putting the products in front of potential buyers and no wonder even amazon and other big e-commerce stores are doing this for years.

And why not? According to Power Reviews Study , 35% of all online product research begins on Google so why not put your product in front of those directly who are searching for it.

There are lots of people who are running Google shopping campaigns but they didn’t end with a great ROAS because of not focusing on Google shopping product feed.

I will explain in this article why you need to focus on the product feed first and how to optimize product feed to boost up your sales and revenue up to 10x.

#1. Optimize Product Titles To Capture Search Queries

Since you can’t target keywords directly, include them in the product titles. To get most people clicking on your product you need to do complete keyword research first before proceeding.

optimize product titles

Since you have the option to get most of what people are searching on the web don’t forget to include the search query in the product titles directly.

 To capture more relevant traffic, add product attributes, such as product type, brand, color, or size to the titles.


#2 Optimize Product Titles For Higher CTR

  You should optimize your product title in such a way that you get the highest CTR, so relevancy to popular search queries is the key; that means you need to write product titles as ads.

  But don’t write too much, in this case less is more.


#3 Optimize Product Picture

An image is way better than a thousand words.

optimize product picture

A unique and great product picture helps to stand out your product. Make sure you invest in your product images, because they will be responsible for grabbing the attention of your shoppers, which indicates relevancy to search queries.


#4  Research for best Price

If you want Google to display your product to the maximum number of users, keep your product price in a competitive range. 

research for product price

Neither too low nor too high.

Lower the product price relative to market value, the higher the odds are that Google Shopping will prioritize your ad and serve it to users.


#5  Be specific with product categories

Even if your products don’t require categories, to keep the ads more relevant, you should map the products to the official product categories. You can download a list of close to 5,500 categories .


#6  Optimizing Product Description

Product description plays a very important role in the success of your Google Shopping Campaign. The description gives you the opportunity to list out product features, technical specifications and give shoppers a reason as to why the product can benefit them.


#7  Custom Labeling 

Custom labeling in Google Ads is a way to organize products like a shopkeeper does in the shop; all related items are put in a single rack. Every product varies according to price, seasonality or even margins.

custom labeling

Custom labels allow you to organize products in Google Shopping campaigns to your preference, and the labels will only show up internally. If done right custom labeling helps you to setup smart and profitable campaigns else it hurts the performance of your campaigns 



It is very important to be aware of the best practices in terms of shopping platforms. You can align your campaigns with those practices. 

Google shopping is inclined towards betterment by the time by serving relevant products to their uses. It is quite obvious that the competition has risen far higher than it was. 

Therefore, you need to cope up with this highly competitive field; which can be done by optimizing your product feed. 

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