Written by - Sandeep Kumar |  August 22, 2022

The Manifest Spotlights ROI Minds as Delhi’s Most Recommended B2B Partner for 2022
Sandeep Kumar
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The Manifest Spotlights ROI Minds as Delhi’s Most Recommended B2B Partner for 2022

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Focused, dedicated, and ambitious — those traits best describe the ROI Minds team. Based in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, India, our team is always hungry for innovation. We constantly challenge ourselves to create the best solutions to help our clients hyper-accelerate their growth. We are an extensively versatile team that can serve as your one-stop shop for everything digital.

Today, we’re proudly celebrating a momentous milestone made possible by our generous clients. Because of their incredible support, we’ve been recognized during the inaugural The Manifest Company Awards! According to their 2022 list, ROI Minds is Delhi’s best-recommended partner for digital marketing , social media marketing, PPC, and inbound marketing!

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This is huge news for us! When we started this company in 2017, we knew we had to keep our heads down and zone in on our craft. We wanted to be laser-focused on what we were doing because our partners were relying on us. This approach helped us generate more than $250 million in revenue for our clients with Google Ads and Facebook Ads alone. Together, we are a collective force determined to produce amazing results for businesses seeking excellence.

Because of this mindset and attitude, we’ve earned the invaluable stamp of approval from our clients. To give this recognition more context, The Manifest is an independent business news platform that encompasses different categories, industries, and locations globally. The website’s first-ever company awards highlight contributions of the top companies that earned the highest number of stellar reviews over the past twelve months.

This award is only made possible by our clients’ tremendous trust and support. In this industry, client trust is tantamount to success. If it weren’t for the amazing confidence of our partners, we wouldn’t be celebrating this moment.

Thank you so much to our clients who believed in ROI Minds. We appreciate every opportunity you’ve paved for us. Cheers to more exciting possibilities ahead! Start your journey with ROI Minds! Send us a message today, and let’s get to work.


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