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March 7, 2020

Nowadays, videos have gained a lot of popularity. Video marketing has become a forward-facing strategy that combines attractive videos into your marketing campaigns.

As per research, the percentage of using videos as a part of the marketing strategy is increasing from 63% in 2017 to 87% in 2019. With this fact, it is clear that there is a sharp rise in video marketing.

Through video marketing, you can build your brand, drive sales & conversions, raise awareness of your products or services, and also engage your customers.

If you are a digital marketer then you already know about the benefits of video marketing in 2020. But if you are not a marketer then you should read the following benefits of video marketing.

video marketing trends 2020

Benefits of video marketing

The following are the major benefits of video marketing.

1. Boost conversion rate

Videos are proved to be the best option for boosting the conversion rate. According to a recent study, it is proved that 57% of the people buy products online after watching the demonstration video of the product.

2. Must be accessible

Nowadays, there are different platforms for video marketing like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Television, etc. Most of the people are using smartphones in this century and they want to access everything from their mobile. That’s why it is important to create such a video which can be accessible by everyone & through every device.

3. Improve traffic

Video marketing increases social shares and creates audience engagement which will help to improve the traffic on your website.

4. Attractive & entertaining video

Before using video as a part of your marketing strategy, it is important that you must know what type of content you should produce. Remember one thing that people will like to see attractive, entertaining, and informational videos. Make sure to generate content around this so that you can keep your audience engaged and happy. 

Have you implemented this strategy for your business or your client’s business?

If no, then you should start implementing it.

video marketing trends 20201

After reading these 5 top trends of video marketing, you will definitely implement it in your marketing strategy.

Top 5 video marketing trends in 2020

1. Long-Form Videos

There is a big difference between content marketing and content advertisement. An advertisement is a way to catch the audience’s attention and to deliver a quick message.

Long-form videos is a great way of content marketing as it will provide value to the targeted audience. Make sure to create informative, engaging, and entertaining. The value that you are providing to your audience will keep them connected with you.

These videos will also help you to build the trust of your fans. If you are running a business then it is important that you will engage your audience trust. For that, you can shoot behind the scene videos so that your audience feels the reality and can connect with you. 

2. Shoppable videos

The idea of shoppable videos come from shoppable images. As we know, it is very easier for a user to buy a product online just by seeing the image & product specifications that are shown along with the image.

These videos are widely used on Instagram & Snapchat but it is expected that its implementation in the future will rise on the other social media platforms as well. Shoppable videos include the product page link which will help to make the buying process easier for the buyer.

Therefore, by using shoppable videos, businesses can get more leads &conversions.

video marketing trends 20202 4. 360° videos

These videos have gained a lot of popularity due to its uniqueness. According to recent research, it is found that people will like to watch 360° videos more than that of traditional videos. 

The trend of 360° videos increased due to the growth of AR and VR field at a fast pace. These videos are widely used for promoting travel events, but we can also make use of them in explaining the specification of our products & services to our audience.

Now, more businesses are moving forward to these videos and use them for their businesses. A great advantage of these videos is that they give a great experience to your users. This further makes your users to be engaged with your brand. It is clear that these videos are becoming more popular in 2020. 

video marketing trends 2020

4. Video ads on Facebook & Instagram

The trend of videos on Facebook & Instagram is growing day by day. Nowadays, these are the most popular social media platforms. Facebook has more than 2.3 billion active users per day and Instagram has 1 billion active users per day.

According to the Social Media Examiner survey’s , it is found that the marketers are making their plans to increase the number of ads on Facebook & Instagram more as compared to the other platforms. 

With this survey, it is clear that these two platforms have most of the audience for almost every type of business. As their popularity increases, the competition will also be increased for the marketers.  

video marketing trends 2020

5. Live videos

Live videos have gained a lot of popularity. The main platforms for live streaming are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Live videos help your customers to connect with your business at a deeper level. If you are running a business, you must plan a live video in which show your audience behind the scenes.

You can also use them for seminars, webinars, interviews, explaining about your products, etc. Live videos create engagement at the next level which cannot be created by the traditional videos.

video marketing trends 2020


One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of videos is that the production of videos is becoming affordable. Through videos, people can easily understand your content and can quickly connect with you. 

While creating videos, make sure that you will give importance to quality over quantity. It is very important that you will deliver the message properly. If you are still not using the video marketing strategy then take a step towards it!

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